SimpleDiffuse - Easy Texturing

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SimpleDiffuse - Easy texturing
Create stunning texturing results on your 3D Models + speed up workflow with SimpleDiffuse material generator 🎨

SimpleDiffuse generator was made based on PRO Artists preferences only for PBR pipeline (3D Model with baked maps)- that's why you'll get accurate result with correct values and lighting right after the application!

This is a unique generator with own features based on industry needs and other outdated materials.


Base Color: Sets the main color for the surface.

Shadow Color and Spread: Sets multiplied shadow color with ability to control it.

AO Color and Spread: Sets soft ambient occlusion with ability to control it.

Curvature Opacity: Control over edges of the texture (possibility to create pleasant result for Handpaint Texturing) .

Update V2:
Curvature Color: Change color of curvature.
Presets: Default, Stone, Gold, Bronze, Human Skin, Orc Skin.

Base Light Features:

Specular Color, Height, Rotation: Light up the surface with full control over color and position.

Specular Exponent, Number of Lights: Control over light spread and power.

Rim Light Features:

Option to create a glow from the bottom: Useful for shiny materials like crystals the presentation.

Brush Strokes Features:

Enable Brush Strokes: Turns on and off the brush strokes mode.

Enable Brush Strokes FX: Turns on and off additional volume and detail and brush strokes.

Use Custom Brush Stroke: Turns on and off option to pick your brush stroke image.

Amount X, Amount Y, Scale, Scale Random: Full control over the amount and size of the brush strokes.

Rotation, Rotation Random, Normal Rotation Influence: Full control over the rotation of the brush strokes based on the 3D Model.

Detail Opacity, Mask Random: Ability to create additional "painting" information and remove certain brush strokes.

Gradient Features:

Option to push the result with 2 gradients: Dark multiplied gradient from bottom, Light gradient from the top.

Gradient Color, Power: Sets the color and contrast of both gradients.

Post Process Features:

Option to push final colors with 2 sliders: Multiply and Overlay layers.

The uniqueness of our generator is that it has initially correct settings and immediately produces great results based on your 3D model. We also do not have any unnecessary options that would overload the plugin. Enjoy it!

Software: Substance Painter.

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SimpleDiffuse Material generator


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SimpleDiffuse - Easy Texturing

74 ratings
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